Minerva The Documentary Team is the brain child of Tharinda Elvitigala. With over 15 years of experience in television productions, Tharinda is highly capable documentary film maker, writer, director, video camera man & photographer. His has covered a wide range of subjects from human rights to Sri Lankan history, archaeology & culture. His portfolio includes various productions done for foreign media channels as well as specialized documentaries on UNESCO world heritage sites. Tharinda has carefuly handpicked his team mates for the Minerva The Documentary Team having worked with these individuals on his previous projects.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Tharinda Elvitigala


2012 - 2015

Directed the documentary series which explores Sri Lanka unesco world heritage sites.

Best documentary - Nominated Rigam Telees 2015 (Abhayagiriya - English)

Served as the Programme Director of CCFTV

2011 - 2012

Served as the Programme Director of Sri TV, a satellite channel which has a presence in 158 countries.

Some of the projects undertaken - Sri TV

Organized Sri Lanka’s first International Art Competition for Children with the participation of Sri Lankan children living in numerous countries across the world.

Directed the documentary series titled ‘Wew Bendi Deshaya’ which explores Sri Lanka’s ancient irrigation technology. (This series was broadcast on Sri TV as well as on Derana TV)

Instrumental in the live global broadcast of the dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in 2012 at the historic Yapahuwa city. This was the first time that a ceremony to mark the new year was broadcast from Sri Lanka live via satellite technology.

Instrumental in the live global broadcast of the Kandy Perahera in 2012, spanning 11 days. This was the first time that the Kumbal and Randoli Peraheras were broadcast to the world live via satellite

Young Asia Television (YA TV)
2002- 2011

Worked in the capacity of Programme Producer to develop broadcast content on social and political issues.

Some of the programmes worked on

Sathi - Programme Producer (2004 – 2008)
Broadcast on TNL TV

A weekly Sinhala language magazine series, which explored issues, related to conflict and peace building.

In 2008 the Sathi programme won a Sumathi Award for the best Sinhala language documentary programme.

3 D,(Talkshow) – Programme Producer
Broadcast on TNL TV

A series, which engages with politicians, academics and policymakers and other prominent personalities on issues of everyday relevance.

YA Trail - Programme Producer (2008)
Broadcast on TNL TV

A travel documentary programme, which explored places of historic relevance in Sri Lanka.

Development Diaries - Programme Producer (2011)
Broadcast on TNL TV

A magazine series documenting post-war developments in Sri Lanka;
its challenges and success stories.

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